Terms and Conditions of use of the websites and the App


These Terms and Conditions are intended to regulate access to and use of the website: www.clicx.pt,   www.amazingplatform.pt,   www.clicxblog.pt,   www.import.clicx.pt,   www.onemove.pt,   www.outlet.clicx.pt,   www.loja.clicx.pt and the CLICX App. The aforementioned websites and the CLICX App are the property of AMAZINGPLATFORM, LDA. with offices at Rua José Estevão, nº 35 4705-176 Braga. Browsing the websites and using the AMAZINGPLATFORM and CLICX Apps is governed by these Terms and Conditions, which must be read carefully and attentively. If you do not agree with these Terms & Conditions, please abandon navigation or uninstall the App and do not register as a user. In case of conflict between these Terms & Conditions and any contractual terms contained in contracts for the acquisition of products, services or other specific ones disclosed on the websites or in the App, the specific conditions of the products, services and other contracts will prevail.

Use of Websites and App
The websites mentioned above and the App are part of a digital platform developed and managed by AMAZINGPLATFORM with a view to providing entities, natural and legal persons ("Advertisers"), of spaces for information, advertising to make the purchase, dissemination, promotion of sale of hybrid and electric vehicles, various types of chargers, bicycles, scooters, motorbikes, skateboards, surfboards, lamps and solar/photovoltaic panels on the website.
AMAZINGPLATFORM (CLICX) provides links to official partner pages on its websites, such as: Amazing Credit, Amazing Seguros, Mecurito, Sprint Travel & Rent a car, Cervejaria F, among others. AMAZINGPLATFORM (CLICX) also has partners such as: Power Dot, VOLTSTORE, EV Chargers, Bestsol, Omniflow, Travauto, Aqui Jantes, Volt.E, Supersoco, Moteo, Cartrack, F3, Procar Automobile; which include brands of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, surfboards, lamps, solar panels, electric vehicle chargers, hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, car rental, banking entities, among others, where it is possible to obtain a proposal , suggestion or guidance for the acquisition of the products and services disclosed therein, if the user so wishes, which justifies the interest in the development and management of this platform. All information relating to vehicles contained on these websites is the sole responsibility of the Advertisers, Manufacturers, Representatives, Partners, or others, not waiving their confirmation with them. AMAZINGPLATFORM is not responsible for the content or validity of the information provided regarding each vehicle, product or service, nor for the negotiating conditions for their acquisition, including all booking conditions, condition of conservation of the vehicles, products or services and their characteristics. , which are the sole responsibility of advertisers, manufacturers, representatives, partners, or others. AMAZINGPLATFORM does not control or have any direct or indirect intervention in the selection process, offering for sale, booking, sale and/or delivery of advertised vehicles, except for products directly manufactured by AMAZINGPLATFORM and duly identified, with the “CLICX Seal”. Any information relating to possible eligibility for credit, credit simulation, among others, referring to a vehicle, product or service selected by the user cannot be considered binding, which is why it cannot be used as a substitute for any form of advice. The decisions taken based on this information will be the sole responsibility of the user of the sites. AMAZINGPLATFORM does not guarantee that these sites will function without errors and/or without interruptions. Advertisers, Manufacturers, Representatives, Partners, registered users, and others undertake not to use the service provided by the websites and the App in any other way. from CLICX.

User registration on the website and App

Navigation on the AMAZINGPLATFORM, CLICX, CLICXblog, CLICXloja and Onemove websites is free of registration, subject to these Terms & Conditions. If the user wishes to verify any eligibility for credit, purchase, disclosure, sale, he must register as a user. Navigation on the CLICXimport and CLICXoutlet websites is mandatory registration with due authorization from AMAZINGPLATFORM, subject to these Terms & Conditions. If the user wants to access more data/information, make a purchase proposal, buy, disclose, he must register as a user. The collection and processing of personal data related to user registration will be carried out under the terms and conditions contained in our privacy policy. For more information, consult the privacy policy available on the websites.

Intellectual Property Rights

AMAZINGPLATFORM owns all intellectual property rights over the websites and the CLICX App. All contents present on the websites and in the App are the property of AMAZINGPLATFORM, the Advertisers, Manufacturers, Representatives, Partners, among others, are protected by intellectual property rights and their use by third parties is expressly prohibited, as well as any copying is expressly forbidden. , reproduction, dissemination or transmission, use, modification, sale, publication, distribution or any other use, in whole or in part, commercial or non-commercial, whatever the means used. The total or partial reproduction of any brand or other distinctive signs of trade integrated into the websites and the App, including the layout of the latter, is also prohibited without the prior written authorization of the holder of the intellectual property rights in question.


The websites and the App are an online platform, consisting of classifieds, blog, outlet, import, online store of vehicles, products or services for sale by Advertisers, Manufacturers, Representatives, Partners and others. It is up to users to make any decision to purchase a particular vehicle. AMAZINGPLATFORM does not assume any responsibility for choosing a particular vehicle, product, service and other form of financing, insurance for its acquisition. AMAZINGPLATFORM still does not assume any responsibility resulting, namely, but not exclusively (i) from any defect or virus or from the malfunction of the equipment or any other software, as a result of access to these websites or the use thereof, (ii) the information contained in the website or the App or that can be obtained through them, (iii) the intersection, modification or incorrect use of the transmitted information, (iv) the functioning or unavailability of these websites, (v) the incorrect use of the website. If the user places content that proves to be illegal, offensive, defamatory, obscene, racial, violation of privacy and/or dignity of third parties or ethically objectionable and even contrary to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, whether in advertising spaces, AMAZINGPLATFORM has the right to proceed with its immediate withdrawal as well as proceed with the temporary or permanent blocking and/or cancellation of the account of registered users/advertisers, the Advertiser and/or registered user not having the right to any compensation in view of said deletion, blocking and/or cancellation and without prejudice to the right of AMAZINGPLATFORM to be reimbursed for direct and/or indirect damages resulting from the dissemination/publication of such contents.


The user can book a vehicle, product, service or others through the websites or the App. The reservation conditions, amounts to be paid, availability and other issues associated with the reservation and sale are determined by the Advertiser, being the latter's sole responsibility. AMAZINGPLATFORM assumes no responsibility for the relationships established between Advertisers and users. The Advertiser is responsible for keeping its advertisements for vehicles, products and services updated on the platform, namely through active monitoring and verification of its advertisements. Whenever a vehicle, product or service is booked, or for whatever reason it is no longer available for transmission, it is the Advertiser's responsibility to block the respective advertisement from other sales, placing it in a reserved position and/or withdrawing it from the ad space. For more information in this area, consult the respective FAQ available at www.clicx.pt,   www.import.clicx.pt,   www.onemove.pt,   www.outlet.clicx.pt,  www.loja.online.pt.

Advertising Spaces
The Advertising Spaces available on the websites and in the App are made available to Advertisers exclusively for advertising vehicles, products and services, under the constant terms and conditions.
AMAZINGPLATFORM, as owner of the websites and App, has the power to verify the advertised content and proceed with its blocking and/or removal of advertisements, whenever it considers that the advertising conditions agreed between AMAZINGPLATFORM and the Advertiser or that the information posted is in line with moral and integrity principles.

International sanctions and combating money laundering and terrorist financing

Within the scope of the International Sanctions Policy in force, the following applies:

    a) Definitions:

        I. “International Sanctions” means the economic and financial sanctions applied to each individual or entity (hereinafter the “Person”), aircraft, ship, country, territory or government, including but not limited to prohibition, asset freeze, sanctions against any sector particular of an economy and other restrictions related to the subjects of the aforementioned sanctions. International Sanctions are issued, administered or enforced by the Security Council of the United Nations, the European Union, France, the United States (including the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the Department of the Treasury and the U.S. Department of State), or any competent local authority or State.

        II. “Sanctioned Person” means any Person subject to or targeted by International Sanctions.

        III. “Sanctioned Country” means any country, territory or government targeted or whose government is the subject of International Sanctions, which prohibit or restrict relations with that country, territory or government.”

    b) The provisions of this document on International Sanctions shall always apply to any of the parties involved, any transaction effected or carried out pursuant to the same, or any Person who is a party to or beneficiary of such transaction, who may be subject to any rule of International Sanctions..

    c) Obligations related to International Sanctions:

        I. The advertiser and/or user undertakes to immediately notify AMAZINGPLATFORM of any facts of which they are aware and which are likely to make their statements regarding the International Sanctions defined in these Terms and Conditions inaccurate.

        II. The advertiser and/or user further accepts that they will not be able to finance, in whole or in part, any reimbursement or payment made under this contract with the product of any transaction carried out with a Sanctioned Person or with any Person located in a Sanctioned Country.

    d) AMAZINGPLATFORM has the right to refuse or suspend any payment or financial transfer (received or receivable) whenever, according to its own analysis, the fulfillment of that operation causes or is likely to cause the non-compliance with the regulations of International Sanctions.

    e) AMAZINGPLATFORM may request the advertiser and/or user to provide information on the circumstances or context of any operation, namely the nature of the funds, their destination and origin, as well as request any supporting documentation to justify the information provided, especially in the case of occurrence of an unusual operation compared to the operations normally registered in the account of the Advertisers and/or registered users.

    f)The advertiser and/or user must provide the requested information as long as AMAZINGPLATFORM does not provide satisfactory information, proving that there is no risk of non-compliance with International Sanctions. AMAZINGPLATFORM is obligated not to comply with any indications / instructions from the advertiser and/or user and, if applicable, to block the related funds.

    g) The advertiser and/or user is aware that AMAZINGPLATFORM may carry out additional investigations relating to operations whenever, according to its own analysis, carrying out the operation causes or is likely to cause non-compliance with regulations on International Sanctions and that such investigations may delay compliance with the indications/instructions of the advertiser and/or user, and AMAZINGPLATFORM cannot be held responsible for any delay or refusal to comply with said indications/instructions, rejection of any operation or funds, or freezing of assets, which result from compliance with International Sanctions. In these circumstances, no sanction or compensation will be due to the advertiser and/or user.

    h) The advertiser and/or user declares that:

        I. Are not, nor are you aware that any of its subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, agents, or representatives of it or its subsidiaries or affiliates, is a Sanctioned Person or a Person owned or controlled by a Sanctioned Person located, registered or headquartered in a Sanctioned Country, engaged in any activity with a Sanctioned Person, who receives/has received funds or other assets from a Sanctioned Person; or engaged in any activity with a Person located, registered or headquartered in a Sanctioned Country.

        II. The advertiser and/or user, as well as its subsidiaries, when applicable, have established and will maintain policies and procedures with a view to complying with regulations on International Sanctions.

        III. These statements are considered renewed until the end of use and/or navigation on the website.:  www.clicx.pt,   www.amazingplatform.pt,   www.clicxblog.pt,   www.import.clicx.pt,   www.onemove.pt,   www.outlet.clicx.pt,   www.loja.clicx.pt  or use of the App.

        IV.The advertiser and/or user undertakes to provide AMAZINGPLATFORM with all elements inherent to their personal identification, whether the advertiser and/or user is a natural or legal person, declaring that they are true, in accordance with the updated commercial registration certificate and in force whose copy or respective access code was made available to AMAZINGPLATFORM.

    J) When dealing with a legal person, the advertiser and/or user undertakes to indicate who their beneficial owners are, under the terms of Law No. 83/2017, of August 18, which establishes measures to combat money laundering. capital and the financing of terrorism, keeping this information permanently updated before AMAZINGPLATFORM, providing all the necessary information to AMAZINGPLATFORM, when required.

    k) The advertiser and/or user undertake to comply with the legislation and regulations applicable at all times in the context of combating money laundering and terrorist financing.

Contacts and Other Information
For any question regarding active use and/or navigation on the websites or use of the App, please contact us at geral@amazingplatform.pt.

Changes to Terms & Conditions
AMAZINGPLATFORM reserves the right, at any time, to change these Terms and Conditions. The changes made will be the subject of an informative communication on the website and in the App. If the user continues browsing or using it after the communication, it is understood that he has accepted the changes. Even so, we recommend the periodic consultation of the Terms & Conditions in force on the website and in the App.

Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms & Conditions are governed by Portuguese Law. In the event of litigation arising from the interpretation or application of these Terms & Conditions, the District Court of BRAGA will be competent, with express waiver of any other.