Cookie Policy

Cookies are small pieces of text sent by our servers to your computer or device when you access our services. They are stored in your browser and then sent back to our servers so that we can provide you with contextual content. Without cookies, using the web would be a much more frustrating experience. We use them to support your activities on our website. For example, your session (so you don't need to log in again) or your shopping cart.

Cookies are also used to help us understand your preferences based on previous or current activities on our website (the pages you have visited), your language and country, which allows us to provide you with improved services. We use cookies to help us compile aggregate data about site traffic and site interaction so that we can provide you with better site experiences and tools in the future.

Here is an overview of the cookies that may be stored on your device when you visit our website:

Cookie category Objective Examples

Session and Security

It authenticates users, protects user data, and allows the site to provide the services users expect, such as keeping your cart contents or allowing file uploads.

The website will not function properly if you reject or discard these cookies.

session_id (Odoo)


Remember information about the site's preferred look or feel, such as your preferred language or region.

Your experience may be degraded if you discard these cookies, but the site will still function.

frontend_lang (Odoo)
Interaction history

Used to collect information about your interactions with the site, the pages you've viewed and any specific marketing campaigns that brought you to the site.

We may not be able to provide you with the best service if you reject these cookies, but the site will work.

im_livechat_previous_operator_pid (Odoo)
utm_campaign (Odoo)
utm_source (Odoo)
utm_medium (Odoo)

Advertising & Marketing

Used to make advertising more attractive to users and more valuable to publishers and advertisers, such as providing more relevant ads when you visit other sites that display ads, or to improve reporting on ad campaign performance.

Please note that some third-party services may install additional cookies on your browser to identify you.

You can disable the use of third-party cookies by visiting the Página de desativação da Iniciativa de Publicidade da Rede. The website will still function if you reject or discard these cookies.

__gads (Google)
__gac (Google)


Understand how visitors interact with our website, through Google Analytics. learn more about Cookies de análise de imformações de privacidade.

The website will still function if you reject or discard these cookies.

_ga (Google)
_gat (Google)
_gid (Google)
_gac_* (Google)

You can choose to have your computer notify you whenever a cookie is being sent or you can choose to disable all cookies. Each browser is a little different, so consult your browser's Help menu to learn the correct way to modify your cookies.

We currently do not support Do Not Track signals as there is no industry standard for compliance.